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About us

Collin County Rose Society (CCRS) was founded in 1995 with less than a dozen members and now its membership consists of over 30 dedicated and enthusiastic rosarians. It is an affiliate of the American Rose Society, an educational and nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and enjoyment of roses. CCRS has served the community by promoting the growing of roses in home gardens, recommending varieties that are easy to grow and maintain, by providing advice on the treatment of insect and disease problems in gardens and by supporting city rose gardens. Usually, each Spring, the public is invited to tour various member's gardens to see up close the beautiful roses that can be grown here and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about rose growing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 garden tour has been cancelled.



Each year, CCRS has six monthly meetings along with socials in May, June and December. Each meeting features an informative presentation on a rose-related topic. At times, we are even taken on a tour of a world renown rose garden to learn about roses and gardens in other areas. Whether you are a novice or seasoned rose gardener, we strive to have relevant content to help make us all better rosarians.

Monthly meetings in 2021 will be held virtual because of the pandemic. Rather than attending a monthly meeting at a location such as Collin College, where we have historically met, members can attend a CCRS meeting either from their home or other location using their desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Using "Go To Meeting" software, which they will be able to download from the ARS, they can view and also participate in each meeting.


CCRS welcomes everyone interested in rose horticulture, whether you are a novice or a serious rose enthusiast, to join our organization. There are may benefits to membership. One of which is a monthly newsletter which contains many useful and timely articles related to the growing and care of roses. Use the MEMBERSHIP link above or Click Here for details on becoming a member and see the other benefits of membership.

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